Hearing Services

Are you experiencing a loss in hearing clarity and find yourself saying “what?” or “huh?” all too often? If so, you are not alone. People of all ages find themselves suffering from immediate or gradual hearing loss during their lifetime, whether it be sensorineural (damage to the cochlea) or conductive hearing loss (interference affecting the passage of sound).

Similar to when a patient first discovers their need for contacts or glasses after a vision test, a comprehensive hearing test can help you understand what you’re missing out on as it relates to your hearing health. Hearing loss often happens over time as we age, so if you haven’t gotten your ears and hearing checked recently, now is the time to schedule an appointment.

Hearing Exams

Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States and is caused by factors such as age, illness, and injury. While hearing loss is a common hearing healthcare problem, there are many ways of evaluating and treating hearing loss effectively.

Before your audiologist can begin to work with you to improve your hearing or stop any further hearing loss, you will need to undergo a few diagnostic audiological evaluations. Diagnostic audiological evaluations are simple tests that have been developed over time to help our staff determine the extent of any hearing loss you may be suffering from. We are proud to offer a variety of diagnostic audiological evaluations at Eye & Ear to meet the needs of every patient.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Dispensers, otherwise known as HADs, are licensed professionals who are legally permitted to measure, fit, and sell hearing aids in a certain state or across America. HADs are not trained to provide additional, specialized audiology services like those provided by an audiologist, but instead, concentrate on helping patients find the right equipment and hearing solution for their needs.

At Eye & Ear, our HADs are here to help patients explore their hearing aid options to find the perfect fit - both physically and technologically. These hearing aid specialists will work alongside your audiologist to adjust your hearing aids to ensure a comfortable fit. Like finding a perfect pair of shoes, hearing is quite subjective, and depending on your lifestyle, your hearing aids will need to be adjusted to meet your unique preferences and what we call “listening environments.” By gaining insight into your lifestyle, we program your hearing aids based on your hearing test results as well as what type of situations and listening environments you are commonly in.

For example, some patients live rather quiet lives, interacting with friends and family in and around the home, engaging in hobbies such as gardening, and watching and listening to TV and radio at home or in the car. Other patients enjoy experiencing weekly activities and events that include crowds such as noisy restaurants, ball games, or loud open-office spaces where hearing can be difficult even for people without hearing loss. By fine-tuning your hearing instrument to meet your individual needs, we can ensure that you are comfortable and happy with how you hear sounds in the environment around you.

At Eye & Ear, patient comfort and care are our priority as we will take all the time and resources necessary to help patients understand their hearing healthcare options to make the most informed decision relating to their hearing treatment solutions.

For more information about hearing aid dispensing and fitting or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at (678) 271-2820.

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